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Access City Award

European Commission

Launch video:

Views: 25640

Accessibility for all:

Views: 6208

10th anniversary with Warsaw:

Views: 9157

The Access City Award is an EU initiative established to recognise cities that have striven to become more accessible for their citizens. With both an ageing population and increasing numbers of people with disabilities living in urban environments, it celebrates efforts to improve quality of life and access to resources.

We have been producing content for the Access City Award for several years. Our journey started with the production of simple edits to highlight the winning cities and has grown into producing exciting creative campaigns.

Selected Works


Access City Award: Apply today

One of the objectives we were set when working on the Access City Award was to encourage more cities to apply for the Award itself. We produced this short promotional animation to do just that, showcasing a city where everyone is able to move around freely.


Accessibility for everyone/all

This video shows the opportunities that an accessible city offers in helping to connect people. It was commissioned as a promotional piece to bolster Access City Award entries and to champion the benefits of inclusivity.


Celebrating 10 years of championing accessibility

Tasked with highlighting the incredible successes of the Access City Award during the last 10 years, we created this video which features the 10 previous winners. Combining bold graphics and video footage, it takes us on a whistle-stop tour across Europe, celebrating some of the amazing work done by the winners.

As for the Access City Award, the creativity and the good collaboration between the European Commission, the contractor and the BBC has led to great results. Proofs are for instance the animation “is your city accessible?” and the “accessibility for all” video produced respectively in 2018 and 2019.
– Emmanuelle Grange, Head of the Disability and Inclusion unit