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#EU Movers

European Commission

Media produced

5 videos, 4 social media clips

Exports / languages

207 exports in 24 languages

Total views for whole campaign

Over 10,000

The #EU Movers campaign raises awareness of Free Movement within Europe, specifically highlighting the opportunities it creates.

We were asked to collaborate on a video series that centred around some of the Champions of Free Movement. Each video was produced to showcase a real-life story of an EU citizen who has moved location for work/and or personal reasons and successfully made a new life for themselves.

Selected Works


Champions of Free Movement: Beatriz Espinosa and Didier Beillard

This short promotional video casts the spotlight on Beatriz Didier and her family. Beatriz came to France, from Spain, as an Erasmus student and has since stayed. Using a mixture of interview and lifestyle footage, we were able to bring to life her story and capture the potential opportunities that await with Free Movement.


Champions of Free Movement: Eleonora and Alin Morezzi

Eleonora and Alin Morezzi tell us their real-life story in this video, which sees the stunning scenery of Ireland used as a backdrop as they talk through their move from Italy. As with other videos in the series, it combines interview and lifestyle footage to reinforce the central message of the #EU Movers campaign.