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European Vocational Skills Week

European Commission

One day in the life of

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Highlights from member states

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Highlights from Helsinki

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The European Vocational Skills Week is an annual event which brings together organisations from across Europe to promote the best of Vocational Education and Training (VET). It was set up in 2016 by the European Commission and sees events taking place at a local, regional and national level.

Shoot You have been providing audiovisual services for this campaign for the last 4 years, utilising various creative techniques to entice an ever-growing audience.

Selected Works


One day in the life of

As part of our challenge to help raise awareness of the European Vocational Skills Week we produced this video which introduces Nicolas Gouin, a 2018 winner of Awards for VET Excellence. In the split screen creative, Nicolas takes us through a typical day in his bakery and explains how winning the award changed his life.


Highlights from national, regional and local events

This highlights montage was commissioned to showcase some of the amazing events taking place across Europe during European Vocational Skills Week and required us to shoot in 5 locations on the same day. We were then tasked with translating and editing the content in just 3 days, ready for it to be shown on the final day of the conference.


Highlights from Helsinki

Featuring key industry speakers and key statistics, this video was produced to promote yet another successful European Vocational Skills Week and to attract new participants for the year ahead.