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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Global information technology company.


2005 - present

Media produced

Video & animation



Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a global information technology company. HPE is a business-focused organization with two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services.

Shoot You were first commissioned to work with HPE on a series of case studies highlighting the durability of LT tapes – a core product for HPE – through extreme testing. Since then, we have produced educational videos on cybersecurity and a high impact 3D animation, showing the robust qualities of media storage tapes, using sophisticated animation techniques.

Selected Works


Rebecca's Story

This film was produced with HPE to create an identity for their Entry Level Storage portfolio. It uses the narrative of Rebecca’s story to show how ProLiant servers can grow with you as a business offering a source of reliability through the many ups and downs. It has received extremely positive reactions from HPE internal sales force and external audiences and was featured on HPE’s global homepage.



HPE needed a visual metaphor to highlight the devastating affects of Ransomware. We developed a creative that used ink permeating a tank of water, an LTO tape made of 'ice', culminating in a massive explosion. One of our favourite shoot days in the studio, complete with an explosives expert and a Phantom Flex, shooting 1000 fps. Client feedback was: 'amazing video... you start and you nearly forget to breathe'.


100 Million

This animation was created to promote a major achievement – 100 million LTO data cartridges sold across the world. We used a traditional frame-by-frame animation technique, combined with a range of digital software, to portray HPE’s story. The company’s 20-year journey is represented by two young boys, as they venture through different landscapes, making discoveries and overcoming obstacles along the way. As the stars light up in the sky, their quest for greatness becomes closer, until they witness the aurora borealis, the ultimate dream. Similarly, HPE’s digital journey to transform how we store and protect data has reached limitless possibilities, with 100 million tapes and counting. A PLATINUM AWARD WINNER in the AVA film awards 2020.


3D product rendering

The HPE StoreEver MSL 3040 tape library is a brilliant tool designed for today's data-driven business environment. And beautiful animation was the best device to describe it. Voiceover was used to detail the requirements for today's business (...’security’, 'low cost’). While photo realistic 3D animation was chosen to describe the machine, its performance, scalability and functionality in forensic detail. The animation then ‘exploded’ to further illustrate component parts. The video was aired on websites and social media, globally. As technology becomes ever more complex, the combination of voice over and animation is fast becoming the only way provide a high impact overview and USP’s of products.


Knowledge as Data

We were commissioned to create a brand film that aligned HPE with the importance of preserving knowledge through safely and securely archiving data. We filmed at various locations around the UK at 120 frames per second and then slowed down key moments to around 1250 frames per second to add impact. 2D and 3D elements were also created to emphasize key messages, with large white text creating a bold theme throughout. HPE have already commissioned the next video in this series which will highlight HPE’s unique role in keeping data safe.


3D domino animation

HP test their data cartridges in extreme environments across the globe. They came to us to bring this process to life and this entertaining film is the result, illustrating their tests to customers, demonstrating the strength and reliability of their cartridges. Each element needed to be modelled in 3D, from dinosaurs to a perfect Saturn 5 rocket. Mount Everest was the most complex environment, with the challenge of making cartridges topple uphill. Our lead animator, suggested it would be easier to have climbed Everest. Up to 250,000 individual cartridges were to be animated in a single scene, placed in a way which would allow them to topple in real life. A physics program was used to mimic how real dominoes would hit and affect each other.


Drag Racing

HP asked us to come up with an original concept to demonstrate the robust nature of tape as data storage. We hired the race track at Santa Pod, UK and had an HP-branded racing car drag the tape around the track. At speeds of 167 mph, the film captures both the speed and anticipation felt during the experiment. The tape survived and this compelling footage is a great demonstration of its durability.

Shoot You have worked with HPE for the past ten years. Their animation and video productions have been a central plank of our global sales, training, and development. Superb service and great fun to work with.
– Global Marketing & Sales Director – HPE